Around the House: February Edition

I was saying goodnight to Quinn and I found him in bed with his Dad’s tactical walking stick. It screws together to make a long pole that you can take hiking, camping, etc. We keep it in our bedroom just in case someone breaks into the house. Quinn basically said that he wanted a “weapon” in his room because wouldn’t it be better to have 2 defenders instead of just 1. I agreed but suggested he pick a different weapon…which he got for Valentine’s Day. Click to the 2nd picture to see what weapon he chose.

This time of year, Amy and I hike about once a week because the weather is cool and the snakes are still in hibernation. A couple of shots from our recent hikes.

I had a quick weekend trip to NJ for Danielle’s 50th Birthday. It was great to spend a couple of days with her and join in her birthday celebration. I also made a trip by our old house (loved that house!) and had to get a piece of great NJ pizza! I loved spending time with Danielle but I really appreciate not living in NJ.

We got Quinn a soft case tuba back pack. I was showing it off, with tuba, to Quinn.

Another group outing to see Lex perform in The Descendants.

This time of year we get alot of hummingbirds. During the day they are very territorial and they will buzz each other off. You will only see 1 – 2 feeding at a time. But once the sun starts setting, the communal feeding begins and it’s Happy Hour!

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