Around the House: January Edition

I haven’t posted much in a while so here’s a summary of January.

This was a very good day for Quinn. He got to climb on the roof with Don to take down Christmas lights, he got to drive for the first time by pulling the car out and back into the garage, and this was also the day he learned he made the Ventura County Honor Band.

Morning Sunrise down our street.

For Christmas, Quinn wanted a white board in his room so we decided to updated it. We repainted it in colors he chose, changed out some furniture and added the white board for all the math. Now it just needs a little wall art.

One benefit of having a tall teen boy is that Quinn is not in charge of changing lightbulbs. Another benefit is that mom never has to help move furniture or carry anything heavy again. That’s Don and Quinn’s job.

Sonic loves waking up Quinn in the morning.

The Marching Band had their awards banquet at the school and for some reason Quinn took his chess board. Now I know why. As you can see, they were all a bit handsy.

I have a friend who has a membership to the Magic Castle and occasionally offers me guest passes. It’s such a fun day that starts with a buffet brunch and then 3 different magic shows. It’s such a treat!

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