WHS Tragedy

There was a tragic incident at Quinn’s high school where a man with mental health issues intentionally ran over a group of students just as school was letting out, killing one student and injuring 4 others. Quinn and I drove by it minutes after it happened and based on the location and timing, I knew it was bad but had no idea that it was intentional. Here is the news story.


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Spring WHS Band Concert & Jazz Festival

This was the last band concert of the year being held at the school. Most of Quinn’s band is made up of Seniors so this was their last high school band concert and they were all recognized. And this was the last concert at the school for the Band Director, Ms. Forrester, as she will be leaving after this year. But, we are super excited for the new band director next year and will get to meet him soon.

We were pleasantly surprised by the last song they played because it was low brass/tuba heavy. Usually Quinn tells us when he has a more prominent part but he didn’t this time. He really enjoyed playing this piece. Skip to 11:30 in the video to hear the piece.

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