CSUF Music Festival

On Friday Quinn’s Wind Orchestra band participated in the Cal State Fullerton Music Festival. With Quinn’s permission, I volunteered to chaperone.

We left the school at 8:30 am and arrived at the Anaheim Packing House for lunch around 10:30 am. We got there a little early so we hung out at a nearby park. Quinn and Danny (his buddy from Tuba Christmas). The Packing House is a big warehouse filled with little restaurants and shops. The kids loved it.

We arrived at Cal State Fullerton around 1:30 pm, unpacked all the instruments from the bus, and then went to watch another high school perform. There were performances all day starting at 8:30 am — WHS was the 2nd to last high school to perform.

WHS Wind Orchestra on stage. The theater was gorgeous and the acoustics were amazing.

Here are the 3 pieces they performed.

After the performance they had a very quick clinic with one of the professors from the school. The judges who watched their performance will provide a recording with a critique of the performance.

Then it was a long break and pizza.

After dinner we watched the CSUF Band perform and they were exceptional. Then we were on the road back to Westlake arriving around 9:30 pm. A long but full day.

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