Merry Tuba Christmas (& Hanukkah)!!!!

We have been looking forward to the return of in-person Tuba Christmas. Tuba Christmas is a national organization and they have performances all around the country in December. Participants can order the music ahead of time and then you just show up the day of the performance. Quinn arrived at 11 am, they practiced for several hours, and then performed at 3 pm. It’s open to ALL tuba players, no matter the level of experience. The youngest player was 11 and the oldest was 82!

Our first Tuba Christmas was in December 2019 and Quinn had just started playing the tuba a couple of months earlier so he did not feel comfortable participating but loved watching the performance. Back then he was playing a 3/4 sized tuba and now he plays a full sized tuba modified for tall people.

2019 & 2022:

Tuba Players Unite! This is a chance for the tuba players to play all the music, including the melodies! There were about 100 tuba players playing about 10 different kinds of tubas. Quinn is in the back center under the green arrow.

Joy to the World!

Best Decorated Tuba (decorated by Dad).

Here Comes Santa Claus

So Tuba players have a unique bond and really identify with each other — it’s like a secret club. I saw some other teens talking to Quinn before the performance and they recognized him from playing together at a Westlake Football game. The leader of Quinn’s section, Jessie, had gone over to the other teams marching band and invited them to play with Westlake. This is from a game in October.

I showed the boys this video on my phone and they said that they added this song that Jessie taught them on the spot to their repertoire.

Some pics from after the performance. Quinn’s friend, Danny, plays the euphonium and they are the only 2 freshman in the top Honors Band class.

I found this gem of Quinn and Danny in TKD back in 2017 doing their forms. Danny was a higher level belt and was always so encouraging to Quinn. They went to different elementary schools at the time but became friends in middle school.

That’s a wrap on another wonderful Tuba Christmas! Next up, I start my December Daily.

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