LCMS and WHS Winter Concert

We are having a great weekend full of music. Friday night Quinn was invited to play a song with his old middle school band with 5 other alumni tuba players. The band director at the middle school also happens to be Quinn’s tuba tutor. A couple of students from TOHS (in green shirts) and 3 from WHS, including Quinn’s section leader Jessie (far left).

I posted a brief clip of the song on FB but here is the whole performance, including introductions. Hark! The Herald Tubas Sing!

On Saturday afternoon, Westlake High School had their winter concert. Once again, they blew us away with their talent. The first song they played “Rolling Thunder March” was quite difficult for them to learn as the pace is so fast but they did a great job performing.

And a seasonal favorite that Quinn loved playing — Sleigh Bells.

Quinn and his buddy Ethan after the concert. They have been friends since the 1st grade.

And some pics at home.

And on Sunday, Quinn has his trombone private lesson! Music and band is Quinn’s favorite thing right now.

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