Santa Barbara

We had plans to go to Chicago to visit Corky & Meg over Thanksgiving, but Covid had different plans for us. Instead we booked a quick getaway to Santa Barbara for 2 nights. We stayed at our favorite ocean front hotel. A view from our balcony.

The first evening Don and I went out at sunset with the drone. It was a really terrific sunset and the sky had color in every direction.

Some sunset shots. The bottom, longer shot is with the drone.

The next morning we went to Hendry’s Dog Beach (without Sonic) and Quinn gave the drone a try and was a complete natural. He flew that thing so far down the beach around the corner and precisely flew it back and landed it in the exact take off spot. He was an absolute pro.

Family Drone Selfie

We were looking for dolphins and sea life. We didn’t find any, but look at how gorgeous the water is from above, so blue and clear (despite all the seeweed).

That afternoon we had a private tour of Santa Barbara on electric bikes. It was so fun to visit spots we had never seen before and to do it all on easy to peddle bikes.

Quinn was pretty excited about the drone so we took it out again at sunset. Here he is taking a drone selfie. The drone itself will fit in the palm of your hand. The pic below makes it look much bigger than it it.

Quinn’s flyover of the Santa Barbara pier.

And an image of the pier, courtesy of Quinn.

That night we booked a fire pit at our hotel and enjoyed s’mores around the fire.

On our way out of town, we stopped at Butterfly Beach which was one of our stops on our bike tour. We thought it was the perfect place to fly the drone. Family drone selfies.

Such a great couple of days away and we made it home the day before Thanksgiving.

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