WHS Regiment – SCSBOA Championships

The Westlake High School Regiment qualified for the SCSBOA Championships by placing well in all their competitions (they usually placed 2nd). There are 24 teams in their Division 3A and they are ranked 5th. They worked so hard to get here and it’s so well deserved. And they saved their best performance for last.

The WHS Regiment performed 8th and walked out to the track to get ready. The tradition is that they turn their back as it is bad luck to watch the other teams performing before them.

And off they go! Their performance is called “Think Outside” and you see alot of references to boxes in the show. I took my zoom lens and captured some ok images.

All the teams did so well and it was fun to see the various performances. Then it was time for awards. All 12 team got their placement and WHS finished 5th!

The kids were just so happy! I think it was a combination of a great performance, finishing well, being together, and finishing the season strong. So proud of all of these kids and especially our sousa man!

Don and I were at the tail end of Covid so we were masking and keeping our distance from everyone.

The amazing Westlake High School Regiment. It’s hard to comprehend Quinn’s freshman year without this fantastic community. Quinn in the back middle — jumping to get in the picture!

That’s a wrap on 2022 WHS Regiment!

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