WHS Regiment – Hart Rampage

The WHS Regiment had their second competition last night at College of the Canyons in Valencia. Competition days are long for the kids and the parents. Here’s a look at competition day schedule. Quinn gets to the school at 10 am, Don arrives at 1 pm (Truck Dads!), and I arrive at 2:30 pm to help get the kids in uniform. On this day we arrived home at midnight so it was a very long day.

The kids practice from 10 am – 1:30 pm. Then Brass gets to polish their instrument. That’s Mr. Ray, who is the assistant director, talking to the kids.

The kids feasted on a Chili and Baked Potato Bar provided by the parents. And that’s Ms. Forrester, band director, in the black shirt with the long hair.

Then we head off to the competition. The uniform team in our matching band polos.

The kid looking sharp!

Some scenes from the afternoon. There are probably 25+ parents that help support the operation. The kids are always hungry so there are snacks and water wherever they go. Last night they were treated to Hot Chocolate too.

The band warming up before heading to the stadium. That’s Hayden on the far right.

Then it was about 1/2 mile walk downhill to the stadium. Here’s Quinn’s friend Lex and some of the other Color Guard. A good look at their uniforms and props, which change every year.

And the main event. With each performance they add on a little more difficulty and lengthen the performance. Their first performance was about 4 1/2 minutes and this one is about 7 minutes. They did great and were really happy. (A friend shared with video with me as I was not in the stands.)

Then it was on to the awards ceremony at 9:30 pm. It opened with a large group of Battery kids drumming their way into the stadium. They were having a great time.

Waiting for scores. These are all the captains of the teams just having some fun.

WHS Regiment ended up finishing 2nd in their division. Last year the team won all the awards all year long and finished first in their division. This year the team of 65 has 40 freshman so it’s pretty amazing that most of the kids are new to Regiment and the team is still performing so well. Definitely a building year and it will be amazing to see what they achieve in the coming years. But, the most important thing is they are having fun, making friends, and learning so many new life skills.

There are only 2 more weeks left in the Regiment season with 3 more competitions. The Championship competition is on November 19 and will be the last day of the season. So exhausting, but so fun!

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