WHS Regiment 1st Competition

WHS had their first competition over the weekend at Pierce College. On competition day the team meets at the school for morning practice but the Low Brass section decided to meet 2 hours early at 8 am at iHop for breakfast. A fine group of low brass guys.

Low Brass Breakfast Shenanigans

Practice started at 10 am. Both Don and I went to the school around 1:30 pm to help out. The parents made a huge taco lunch spread for the kids and we also made 100+ sandwiches for dinner and snacks for the kids. These kids are well fed! The Truck Dads (Don) were busy loading the truck with all the necessary equipment, instruments, and uniforms. Let’s go Westlake!

Then everyone packed up and we headed to Pierce College for the All Valley Band Competition. The kids arrived around 4:30 pm and I carpooled with friends and arrived around 5:30 pm. Regiment moms.

The schedule for the day. We saw the 3A, 4A, and 5A bands.

It’s always so enjoyable to see them perform and each time the choreography seems to change and improve a little. They were at a slight disadvantage as 4 students were not allowed to perform due to misbehavior but they filled the holes pretty well.

17 groups of team captains lined up for awards. The Westlake Color Guard won overall 1st place! The Regiment as a whole came in 2nd place in the 3A division. Job well done!

Back to the school around 10 pm and then home. Long, fun day!

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