Roatan: Days 5 – 7

Days 5 & 6: Now that Quinn is officially certified we can all go on the adult boat to scuba. There were about 8 – 10 of us on the boat and all were very encouraging to Quinn. Our dive master was Eddie and he did a good job keeping an eye on Quinn, although Don, Quinn, and I stuck pretty close together.

And here’s the great part. A photographer goes diving with the group and takes awesome pictures with every dive. I feel so spoiled to have had James along to take pictures of Quinn’s first dives. All the underwater pictures were taken by James Wilson of Deep Sea Wilson.

Don and the Puffer Fish.
I have never seen a healthier coral system than in Roatan. There were huge barrel corals which were magnificent.

So what’s wrong with the picture below? Maybe a newly certified diver 50 feet deep who thought it would be a funny picture to take out his breathing regulator and put in his snorkel? Yikes! Ok but it is a funny picture.

I’ve posted just a few of my favorite pictures but if you would like to see all of them, including the sea life and coral, you can find them all right here.

And then there was this. It’s a little freaky jumping in a dark ocean at night when you can only see what’s in your flashlight light but all the good stuff comes out at night.

Getting ready for our night dive. It was just the 3 of us and the dive master. It was pretty incredible! We saw 3 octopi, a big moray eel free swimming, a bunch of lobster, and all sorts of weird little creature floating in our flashlight light. The night dive might have been the highlight of the trip and so glad we did it.

Another day of diving. Each day we went out on the boat, we would do a 45 minute dive, have 30 minutes above surface to recover, and then a 45 minute dive. We went out around 8:30 am and returned around noon. Overall, we each did 8 dives.

Day 7: On our last day we decided to sleep in and enjoy a full beach day. We soaked in the ocean and also snorkeled at the great spot down the beach. So relaxing. Roatan and our hotel were so much better than we could have imagined. We could see ourselves spending more time here. Next time we will explore a little more of the island.

An Instagrammable moment but nobody wanted to get up on the chair for a picture.

This was a non-negotiable photo.

We had a little surprise for Quinn. When we asked about the minimum age limit to drive a jetski, the guy told us “about 10 years old”. We were getting ready to fib on Q’s age and say he was 16. Quinn loved this! Just look at the smile on his face.

Day 8: time to return home. We felt like we did so much in the week and it really went by quite slowly. A look at the island as we departed. Our trip home was pretty eventful with our family making lots of silly mistakes. We’re not our usual well-traveled selves but we made it home safe and sound with all our luggage. Until next time Roatan.

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