July Around Here

A little bit of other stuff happening around here this month…

Tuba practice with the buddy.

Don is really good about donating blood on a regular basis.

We were talking to Quinn one day about our childhood Steak-umms and how Don almost caught his first apartment on fire cooking these things….so we had to give them another try. Kinda gross.

Chilling with the buddy.

Quinn’s middle school has been working on a renovation project for about a year and it was completed on the last of school. Ha! The school used to be known as “the prison” because it had so few windows. Click right to see a picture of how it looked before. Now it’s the blue balls school!

Post lunch fun. They were calling a friend to make arrangements to go see the Minions movie.

Don and I snuck out of the house for a little wine tasting at a local tasting room.

Barb got Don a pedicure for Father’s Day so Don and I enjoyed a pedicure before our trip. Don liked!

Testing the underwater camera before our trip to Roatan.

A sunset view of “Heart Attack Hill” from our neighborhood on a walk with Sonic.

We invited Elias and Atticus (dog) over for a swim. Atticus liked splashing in the water and took one short swim but it wasn’t quite his thing. And the pool was 89 degrees which isn’t very comfortable for our furry friends.

Quinn and I joined some friends to see Lex in a performance of The Lion King. Lex played Simba and was just marvelous! A great show. Quinn (and Don) have the longest arms and Quinn thinks it’s hilarious how far his arms will reach.

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