Roatan: Days 1 – 4

In 2020 we booked a trip to Roatan so Quinn could get his scuba certification. Well COVID came along and we had to postpone but we were happy to rebook for July 2022.

Roatan is a small island off the coast of Honduras in the Caribbean. We chose this location because we were working with Family Dive Camp and they frequently go to this island and use this specific dive company so that we felt like we could entrust them with Quinn’s PADI SCUBA certification. And the dive company was within the hotel grounds.

We took the red eye and arrived Saturday morning at 9:30 am. We were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful beach and warm, clear water.

We had booked a 2 BR, 2 BA room and it was incredibly spacious and nice. We got into our room around 3 pm and took a long nap before dinner. I was happy to wake up for the sunset. This is the view from our patio.

Day 2: We had to get up early-ish so that Quinn could be at the dive shop at 8 am. The deserted beach at 7 am.

Quinn and another young man were the only 2 in the certification class. They had a little instruction time and then hit the beach for some practice. While Quinn was in “class” Don and I enjoyed the water.

We set up some beach chairs in the shade although we spent all of our time in the water. We walked to the end of the beach for some really good snorkeling. My underwater camera was really on the fritz so not many good water pics.

Day 3: Every day that we left a little money for the maids, we were surprised with a creation. This was my fave. Elephant meditating?

We were in bed by 10 pm every night and up at 6 am to get ready for dive class. The dive shop allowed us to go on the boat with Quinn while he completed his mandatory open water dives. I wasn’t feeling super comfortable so it was nice to have an easy dive where I could take my time and there were only 4 of us diving. In the afternoon we spent some time floating in the ocean.

And another incredible sunset.

The hotel was all-inclusive with an a la carte option which we took advantage of most of the nights. We had all of our meals at the hotel at one of their restaurants.

Day 4: As a student, Quinn had to carry and set up all his own equipment. Once you are certified the dive team does it all for you!

And the kid is officially a certified PADI Open Water Diver! Along with his instructor Abner and fellow student. I mentioned to Quinn that we were proud of all his hard work. His response “it’s not work when it’s something you enjoy”.

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