Disney Fun!

We pulled Quinn out of school the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend for a little fun at Disneyland with the Conrath’s. Amy C. is the ultimate Disney guide who maximizes the rides we get on while minimizing our waits in line. It’s the only way I want to see Disney.

Our main objective was to see the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. It opened in 2020 and it’s pretty epic. This is the first place we hit when we arrived.

As we moved through the line for the Millenium Falcon we passed a Star Wars chess board. We were able to get on the Millenium Falcon ride 3 or 4 times. So much fun!

We stayed at Disney until about 2 pm and then headed back to the hotel for some down time. Then we were back around 5 pm for dinner and more rides. The Castle!

My guys loving their day at Disney.

Last stop was Oga’s Cantina where we got galactic drinks and snacks.

Such a fun day and now we have our Disney fill for about 5 years.

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