The Palouse

My travel photography friends and I had been looking for a new travel opportunity and this trip to Palouse struck us just right. It was an all female trip called #ChicksWhoClick with Action Photo Tours. I met up with my friends Karen & Sue in Spokane and we drove the 90 minutes to Pullman, WA.

Our first adventure out we were caught in a rain shower and saw this amazing double rainbow. The first rainbow seemed so close you could touch it.

Our next stop was to the top of Steptoe Butte where we looked down over the beautiful green rolling hills of Palouse. What a spectacular sight!

One of my favorite images from the trip. I just love the different textures of the fields.

That evening we caught the sunset and then watched the lunar eclipse from the top of the butte.

We got home about 11 pm that night and were back on the road by 4:30 am to try and catch the moon set and the sun rise. Gorgeous morning full of barns, cows, and rolling hills (just a reminder you can click on the first image to see if larger size and click through the gallery).

We had rain on and off all day and at one point Sheryn and Karen decided to stay dry. The tour company had two large vehicles to drive us around.

Our fearless leader Ryan (in blue jacket) lives in Moscow, Idaho and is an expert on all things Palouse. He took us to all sorts of unknown spots where we could just set up and shoot away. He seemed to predict the weather and the cloud patterns and is an amazing photographer.

Some of my captures from that evening.

We were up early again the next morning to catch the sunrise from Steptoe Butte. The lighting was just incredible.

This is my favorite picture from the trip. The red barn, the green wheat fields, and the canola fields just starting to turn yellow in the foreground.

After an early morning, we went to a local cafe for lunch. Much of our trip was full of laughs like this. They were an entertaining crew.

This was my favorite part of the trip — the Palouse Falls. We drove about 2 hours each way to get here and it was extraordinary. Just breathtaking.

The Palouse is not an area I would have thought to visit, but it was quite lovely. And it was great to spend time with Karen and Sue and to make a bunch of new photography friends. I hope to travel more with this group.

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