8th Grade Dance Party Bus

**Don was sick before we went to Disney. We got home and Amy was knocked flat on Saturday and Quinn on Monday. We all tested negative for COVID over and over but this virus hit us hard. Quinn stayed home from school all week.**

I had asked Quinn about having an 8th Grade Promotion Party but he was not interested. Instead I arranged for a 20-seater Party Bus to take Quinn and his friends to the 8th Grade Dance a week before promotion. We got a group of 12 kids and all the parents chipped in money to cover the cost.

The day the Dance rolled around, Quinn was still not 100%. As much as it hurt, I could not put him on the bus and risk getting all the other kids sick the week of 8th grade promotion.

But, we put on our masks and social distanced and sent them on their way! That’s their middle school in the background.

The teens weren’t so happy about pictures or staring into the sun. In this one Quinn is hiding in the 2nd row in the middle.

The kids were so excited to see the Party Bus roll up.

They hooked up a phone to the music, turned on the lights, and jammed out! They went to Shake Shack for dinner, Menchies for Frozen Yogurt, did some joy riding, and then off to the dance.

Maybe next year for Quinn.

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