8th Grade Promotion

Although Quinn missed being on site for school for half of 6th grade and all of 7th grade, he’s had a pretty great 8th grade year with alot of activities, like the 8th grade trip to Magic Mountain (amusement park) on a school day!

But today is Promotion Day! A local printer with kids at LCMS had these signs made.

The promotion was at 1 pm and it was hot and sunny. We entered into a raffle (and won) to get reserved seats in the first 3 rows so we didn’t have to get there super early.

There are about 300 8th graders and they moved the line right along. The best picture I could get of our boy.

At the end of 5th grade Quinn took a math test to determine his placement in 6th grade math, which really determines his math path through all of middle school and high school. Quinn scored a 58/100 on that test and was placed in regular math. I petitioned to have him moved to Advanced Math and was declined. So I appealed to the principal who looked at Quinn’s very high standardized test scores and reluctantly agreed to move Quinn to 6th Grade Advanced Math. And Quinn has earned an A in math every semester since. This year he has really flourished and now realizes how gifted he is in math, earning an A+ every semester in Honors Algebra.

His favorite teacher is his math teacher, Mr. Pyle, who was so full of positive words and encouragement for Quinn.

A picture with his principal on the first day of 6th grade and last day of 8th grade. Some things have changed.

Quinn has such an amazing group of friends. They are so kind to each other and all really good students. These four will be in Regiment (marching band) together next year. And you probably recognize Lex (in 1st picture) from Quinn’s Odyssey team.

So proud of this kid!

And a well deserved hero pose!

The 8th grade promotion was on Friday at 1 pm and on Saturday Quinn reported to Westlake High School for Marching Band Camp at 9 am. The quickest transition ever from 8th to 9th grade. But he loved it!

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