La Jolla

Since our first vacation was cancelled, we planned 5 nights in La Jolla.  Don desparately needed a break from work and we needed a change of scenery.

We drove down on July 5 and because there isn\’t much traffic on the road we got there in less than 3 hours.  In time for the sunset. 

We stayed in a VRBO condo about a block from the beach.  We spent alot of time on our patio.
I had texted with the condo owner and she gave us a couple of recommendations for good places to boogie board and La Jolla shores was at the top of the list.  We were surprised at how crowded the beach was but we still had plenty of room to social distance.  

It\’s amazing how much warmer the water is compared to Malibu.   The kid was in the water for hours.  
And good old dad got in to help him catch some good waves.  It was a great beach day.

It was nice to be able to walk to the beach to catch the sunset.  Our handsome dude. 
The next morning we drove into La Jolla and walked along the coast line to scope things out.  

This is Children\’s Cove but the sea lions and seals will sometimes take it over.  

Lots of babies including these seagulls.  

Quinn took this picture of the baby seals.  There were 10 two-week old baby seal lions.  They loved playing in those little tide pools and as the tide started coming in the big papa barked them to safety.  

We had take out fish tacos at the condo for lunch and then on to Tourmeline Beach.  Another beach recommended by the condo owner.  I preferred the local vibe to this beach better but the water was full of seaweed and kelp.  

We loved watching all the pelicans fly by in formation (or not).  

We got Quinn a pair of short flippers to help him catch the waves on his boogie board.  

The boy loves to be upside down, even when eating Pringles.  We had a nice chat with the guy behind Don looking at us.  He offered Don sunscreen because Don was so red.  

The SeaMonster!

The next day we went to La Jolla Cove to snorkel.  We were going to park our stuff right here in this nice shady spot.  

Until Quinn pointed out this issue.  Don\’t want to block his way out.  

It was an OK snorkel.  Visibility wasn\’t great.  I saw a couple of seals or sea lions swim by but the boys missed them.  

We were right around the corner from the baby seal lions and Quinn was dying to see them again.  You can see Quinn sitting in his cobalt blue swim shirt.  

The next morning when Quinn woke up he said his ear hurt and when I touched it he jumped a mile high so off to Urgent Care.  Quinn loved the Facial Vaporizer in the dr\’s office.   We got him antibiotics and eardrops and headed home.  

Since Quinn couldn\’t go in the water we made lunch reservations at Duke\’s.  Their indoor section was closed and the tables were spaced out on the patio.  What a view!!!  And that little cove on the left is where we snorkeled the previous day.  

If you go to Duke\’s you must get Hula Pie!

We dropped Quinn off at the condo and Don and I walked down to Windnsea Beach.  I loved the combo of sandy beach and huge rocks.  So relaxing.  

And one last sunset before we headed home on Friday.  This was our first extended stay in La Jolla and we will definitely be back.  

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