Quinn and I went on a road trip to Mendocino.  It\’s an 8 hour drive but pretty easy.

As we got off the main highways towards Mendocino we drove through this amazing redwood forest.

We met up with my 1st cousin Susan and stayed at her daughters house.  It was within walking distance of this.  

Sunset love.

Quinn still had to do his schoolwork in the morning so we didn\’t get out until lunchtime.  We got a takeout pizza and had lunch overlooking the water. 

This beach is called Glass Beach for a reason.  Apparently people come down and take buckets full of glass so there\’s not alot left.   But some small pieces.  

Quinn was determined to take a selfie with a squirrel.  

And another beautiful sunset.  

After lunch we took a walk to the lighthouse.  

It was a wee bit foggy.  

So many wildflowers.  

Sue and Quinn making their way to the lighthouse. 

We left Quinn at home and went out for another walk by Jug Handle Beach.  First we walked the headlands.  

And made our way down.  

It was nice to be able to connect with Susan and spend a couple of days with her.  It was also a nice change of scenery.  

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