Baby Birds

We noticed some busy birds building a nest in the pergola above our outdoor table.  Using an extended selfie-style stick with my iphone I was able to get a picture of the eggs.  This is Monday.

Mama sat on those eggs for several days straight. When she left I snapped a picture.  Thursday.  
Friday morning Don found a baby bird on the ground that fell out of the nest over night and didn\’t make it.   Thinking ahead, Don placed the dog bed under the nest to cushion any falls. This baby bird fell out of the nest Friday afternoon and we placed it back in the nest.  

Several hours later another bird fell out and we put it back in the nest.  WTH birdies?  So we placed the nest in the top of a pizza box and placed it back in the original location.  

Unfortunately mama bird did not come back to the nest.  You hear that touching a bird will prevent a mom from returning to the nest but that is said to be a myth.  
We contacted a local wildlife rescue group and offered to drive the babies to them.  But they said birds this young don\’t usually make it without their mama and to secure the nest (as we had) and hope that mama comes back.
Unfortunately mama never returned.  When we checked the nest the next day all the babies were pushed against the side of the box and would have fallen had it not been for the raised edge.  We did all that we could for them but they didn\’t make it.  2020 just sucks.  

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