The Hollywood Sign

On Saturday Quinn was doing this all day celebrating Elias\’ birthday.  He had the best time.

So Don and I looked for an EPIC hike and landed on a hike to the Hollywood sign.  Something you have to do in LA.

In the same area you can also hike to the Bronson Caves aka Batman Caves.  In the 1960\’s Batman show, this is the cave they used to show Batman flying out of in his Batmobile.

Then it was on to the Hollywood sign hike.  The first mile of the hike is brutal with a 1,000 ft elevation gain.  Ugh!  But so worth it once you get to the top.   You can see the trail to the left in this picture.

Los Angeles to the left and Burbank (?) on the right side of picture.  Catalina Island straight ahead.

Getting a glimpse of the sign.

We made it!

It was hot but we did it.  As you can imagine we were one among many taking selfies.

It was about 6.5 miles rountrip with the Batman Caves and well worth the effort.

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