Conejo Hiking Challenge

Conejo Open Space Foundation is once again doing a hiking challenge where they list 10 hikes to complete between March 1 and May 31.   This is such a great time of year to hike because the temps are cool and the snakes are still hibernating.  The hikes are spread out over the area with some easy and some longer and harder. 

So while Quinn was in Odyssey we picked a hike right down the street.  Don has hiked portions of this trail before but this one was new to me. 

It was pretty much straight up the whole way but boy was it beautiful.  The beauty of the charred trees coming back to life and the wildflowers beginning to bloom. 

At mile 1.1 we took a right down the Beargrass trail.   Gorgeous!!

We backtracked a little bit to grab a couple of geocaches.  One was on the other side of this hill.  I didn\’t think my legs could get me up there after our hike yesterday to the Hollywood Sign and we still needed to descend down the trail.  But Don and Sonic got it!

And a look down to all the trails in the Lang Ranch open space.   Our house is just off picture to the left.  Simi Valley in the distance.  We were at about 1,800 ft elevation. 

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