Odyssey of the Mind

It\’s time for me to brag about Quinn and his awesome teammates.

These kids have been working so hard every weekend to create their Odyssey performance.  Once again they chose the VEHICLE problem. 

A group of “Longshots” believe a disastrous event that threatens the world is about to occur and must stop it. Because no one takes them seriously, it is up to the Longshots to solve the problem. To succeed they must send materials from all corners of the world using vehicles that overcome obstacles and travel simultaneously into and out of a Reaction Area. As time counts down the Longshots will use the components, including baking soda, to create a reaction that produces a very special effect and saves the day!

They had to create a story line and 3 separate vehicles that were powered in 3 different (secret) ways that had to travel at least 5 feet through at least 2 barriers to deliver the ingredients to create a chemical reaction using baking soda.   Phew!

Each team member generally takes a portion of the project and this year Quinn worked on the vehicles and they were awesome.  Sorry, but I can\’t share pictures or tell you more about them until later.

But man these kids are so awesome.    They had a pretty major glitch in their performance but they had the most amazing teamwork and pounded through their performance and finished so strong. 

Here they are on the elevator to the Spontaneous problem.  It\’s the 2nd part of the competition and hard to explain.  It\’s called Sponts for short. 

Picnic lunch.  Of course it was the first rainy day in California in ages.  But we are grizzled veterans at setting up for Odyssey (and it rained last year) so we were very well prepared. 

The team did their long term performance around 10 am and Sponts at 11 am so we spent the rest of the day having fun and watching some of the other teams perform.  Also alot of playing video games with each other on their phones. 

Then it was on to the awards ceremony at 5:30 pm.  The head judge told Coach Juli that she was most impressed in general with the Middle School (Division II) group and their inventiveness with their vehicles.  After the major glitch in their performance and competing against 7th and 8th graders we had no idea how they would place. 

They placed 3rd!!!  We were so excited and proud of them.  Top 3 teams move on to States so off to Riverside we go in March. 

Funny story.   In the morning, we watched 2 other teams before Quinn\’s team.   The team before Quinn\’s team left a mess of baking soda and other stuff on the floor.  Don and I were concerned that it could cause issues for their vehicles so I asked the judges if we were allowed to sweep the floors.  Because of course we brought a Swiffer!  So Don and other parents swiffed the floors clean. 

And the team got awarded the \”Omer Award\” for good teamsmanship because of that.  And the swiffer is the new team mascot. 

And of course we always finish the night with some Baskin Robbins.  Exhausted Coach Juli!

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