Pam\’s Big Birthday Visit

I was so happy to have Pam out to California for her big Birthday!  My gift to her was a couple of days at the beach in Carlsbad.  I took her to our favorite hotel right on the beach.  We wasted no time.  

The sunset was pretty beautiful and the reflection on the balcony glass was just magical. 

No sister visit would be complete without oyster shooters.  This place made Michelada Oyster shooters which were pretty darned delicious. 

The next day we got up and walked a couple of miles along the beach and walked through town a little bit.  Of course we found some time to sit on the beach.  As the clouds started to cover the sun it started to get chilly. 

Then it was time to go home.  We needed to celebrate Pam\’s birthday properly with cake and candles. 

We kept our bodies moving with a nice walk in Hill Canyon.  The temp was cool but the sun was out and it felt really warm.  But a great morning for a hike. 

We came across this little guy.  Not sure what he was but we just walked around him. 

At sunset we ran to my favorite spot at Satwi Park.  I love the gradient of the sky from orange to blue. 

I think might be the last visit where Aunt Pam is taller than Quinn.  Getting close. 

No trip to California would be complete without a soak in the hot tub.   

We had such a great time with Pam!  And I will leave you with this cutie pie. 

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