November Stuff

 As Quinn and I were driving home from TKD one evening we could see a huge full moon rising.  We decided to chase it by going up the fire road but then chickened out because it was so dark.    In our defense, there is frequently coyote poop on the fire road so we know they are around.

Fall sunsets are the best.  

Now that Quinn is a black belt he gets to use weapons, specifically nunchucks.  You should have seen the smile on his face after class.  Don said that when he was that age he talked about nunchucks all the time and he and his friends really wanted them.

Band homework over the course of the trimester.    Notice which one he left for last?  Write your parents a thank you for letting you be in band.

And his sweet thank you note said:

Dear Mom and Dad,
Thank you so much for letting me do band, I really can’t say how much joy I experienced and how many friends I’ve made. It also helped me overcome my stage fright.

Love, Quinn

Odyssey has started up every Sunday so Don and I hike.  It\’s been really hot so we picked an easy, flat hike that we knew had some water to cool down the buddy.  

Dan\’s dad invited us to Camarillo Airport to his friends hangar.  His friend was going to take the kids flying but it was way too windy so we just hung out and chatted.

And the boys got to check out the plane.

And just a reminder what California looks like in November!

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