October Fun

 It\’s fire season in California.  After last year everyone is on edge.  And it\’s not great when you see smoke over the neighborhood.  Fortunately the fire was a long distance off and the wind was carrying the smoke our way.

Sometimes we get really great sunsets with the smoke in the air.  It wasn\’t bad. 

It\’s also ant season.  Fun times!  We left a La Croix on the side table and the ants were all over it.  Fortunately Don has figured out how to get rid of them when they arrive. 

And Halloween is right around the corner.  CVS had this great skeleton dog on sale and Quinn rode with him in the backseat. 

Quinn and his buddy Elias in an afterschool chat. 

Quinn and Don playing a couple of rounds of disc golf at sunset. 

 Now that Quinn is back in Odyssey for a couple hours on Sunday, Don and I are back to our Sunday hikes.  I love this time outdoors together.  We went on a hike where the fire roared toward us last year.  You can still see remnants of the charred plants. 

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