Moorea: Day 6

Our breakfast was included in our room and the breakfast buffet was pretty amazing.  Don usually had the grilled fish and rice.  Yes, grilled fish and rice for breakfast.  Quinn has some sort of pastry or pancakes with some bacon.  And I had something different every day.  We would let Quinn sleep and then hit the buffet around 9:30 before it closed at 10 am.    Sorry, no pics. 

We decided to hang out around the hotel today.

Quinn wanted to SUP and as soon as we got in the water I saw these two rays swimming around. 

The coral garden under our hut.  You can see all the different sizes of the black and white striped fish which are damselfish. 

And all the fish swimming around the ladder.  

We saw lots of these maximus clam.  They are a really bright colored clams until you get close and they close up.

I pulled a photo off the internet to show what they look like open.  Crazy!

A coral garden being planted under the crepe restaurant. 

Kisses from my love.

For lunch we walked across the street where a lady has a food truck in her yard.  It was quite lovely and a nice change of pace.  Quinn got the kids chicken sandwich and it was huge!

And a look up.

A golden reflection on the hotel at sunset.  

I gave Don a little assistance in setting up this shot and I love how it turned out. 

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