Moorea: Day 7

Another beautiful morning in Moorea.  

The lounge chairs on our upper deck became our drying racks and bathing suit storage. 

A morning look towards the beach and hotel. 

We hung around the hotel again today.  But hanging around means hours of snorkeling, paddleboarding, and kayaking. 

These yellow fish always hung around our feet when we were hanging out in the water. 

Quinn thought the jet skis looked pretty cool but the cost was a little much for all of us to do go as you pay per jet ski.  So I suggested that Don surprise Quinn with a father-son jet ski ride.  A guide lead them out of the lagoon and around a couple of coves for an hour tour.  Quinn thought it was the coolest!

We had some Cornetfish that like to hang around our dock.  We called them BigBoi!  On the left side of the dock you can see an empty clam shell that Don found in the water.   One night he filled it with bacon to see what would happen.  We didn\’t see who ate the bacon but it was gone in the morning.

Tonight we had pizza delivered to the hotel.  You can see the options are different than what you mind find in the states. 

And another beautiful sunset. 

And a look down through our glass pane in the floor to see quite a few fish swimming around the coral head. 

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