Moorea: Day 5

Another beautiful day in paradise.  

Monday we rented a car for the drive.  It\’s about 40 miles around the island with one main road.   Our first stop was the bay right next to the hotel that had a black-ish sand beach.

Then we drove up, up, up to Belvedere Lookout.  It was stunning!

At the bottom of the mountain there were these amazing trees with vines hanging down.

Then a quick stop for a coconut water for the kid!

 We passed this giant warrior statue and had to stop.  And so glad we did.

There was an amazing beach beyond but Quinn made a pit stop for a couple of dog friends.  

We decided to grab our snorkel gear and head out.   We saw lots of pairs of these angel fish.  

Quinn was great about finding these little shells with creatures inside.  Of course they went back down to the bottom of the ocean.

I love floating over coral heads like these and just watching fish life in action.  Beautiful little aqua fish congregated around this coral head.

 And a look towards the mountains.

One last look before we continue our adventure.

Our cab driver on the way in told us that this overlook was the most photographed spot in the world.  I\’m not sure about that but it was beautiful.  That is the Sofitel hotel below.

A view towards Tahiti.

The shape of the island of Mo\’orea.

Then a late lunch at Moorea Beach Club.

A much needed ice cold Tahitian beer.

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