Moorea: Day 4

On Sunday morning we were picked up at the hotel pier for a morning of snorkeling.  We were so happy to have only 8 people total on the boat.   Tom was our captain and guide.  

Our first stop was a sand bar where the sting rays and black tipped sharks like to congregate.  It might be because they are fed. 

So we were happy to have only 8 people on our boat but this location probably had about 100 people there when we were there.  It was still great!

The sting rays are like puppys and follow you around and bump into you.  When Tom, our captain, got into the boat for a minute this ray looked like it was trying to climb in with him.  

The sand bar has deep water on the one side so the sharks come in for food and then swim back into the deep.  It was a little unsettling. 

 After the sharks and rays we went to a spot between two motus (islands) to snorkel. 

We walked up the beach and drifted with the current back to the boat.  We didn\’t even have to wear fins. 

A look across the lagoon to Mo\’orea.  I was using the GoPro so there\’s a little distortion and water spots. 

Quinn found a coconut that Tom cracked open for him to drink the water and then cut it in a way so that we could nibble on all the coconut inside.  Yummy!

Then it was back to our hut for an afternoon swim. 

And sunset. 

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