Mother\’s Day Weekend in Santa Barbara

I knew that this Mother\’s Day was going to be tough.  So rather than waiting for Don to figure something out I booked us an oceanside hotel in Santa Barbara.  Nothing like a little Vitamin Sea to help soothe the pain.

We left Thousand Oaks around 5:30 pm and as we were driving up the coast the sky was just magnificent.   We pulled over a couple of times to capture the sky.

We had an easy breezy drive  up the coast and this was our hotel room view.  Just what the dr ordered. 

We had a quick walk on the beach before dinner. 

Dinner reflections at the hotel.

Beautiful morning views. 

We found our 300th geocache at this spot.  There were quite a few caches along the coast so we went for a walk. 

Quinn brought along a make shift fishing pole that he had made.  

After lunch it was down to the beach.  

Quinn wanted to boogie board but the water was cold and it was only about 70 degrees out. 

We had the beach to ourselves.  You can see our hotel behind the palm trees. 

Both Quinn and Don got in the water.  Quinn did quite a bit of boogie boarding and had a great time. 

A must do on a trip to the beach. 

These jellyfish were up and down the shore.  I remember seeing them another time when we went to the beach in Ventura for Mother\’s Day several years ago. 

A dead bird also washed up so Q gave it a proper burial. 

One more trip into the ocean. 

Quinn was covered with sand so I told him to walk straight into the bathtub.  He likes to take my words quite literally but this time I didn\’t mind.

The next morning we visited the MOXI museum, had lunch on State Street, and headed home.

It was a tough day but the Santa Barbara breeze seemed to soften the pain. 

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