5th Grade Open House

This was our last open house in elementary school.  Quinn is always excited to show off his  his art handiwork around the classroom.

This is their Opposing Statements.  I love how he says \”Nice as a Canadian\”. 

Self Portrait.

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?  Don looks stumped.

The 5th Grade Class has a huge \”We the People\” project and are studying the government.   This week all the 5th graders in the Conejo Valley will make a trip to Cal Lutheran University for simulated civics hearings. 

White has always been Quinn\’s favorite color. 

Quinn and his best buddy Elias.  The big boys on campus.

Quinn wanted to take a walk down memory lane and visit all his old teachers.

First grade with Mrs. Cano.  In the picture on the right you can see Mrs. Cano\’s son who she was pregnant with while Quinn was in her class. 

2nd Grade Mrs. Virgen

3rd Grade Mrs. Tracey

4th Grade Mrs. Carroll.    I think Quinn\’s year with Mrs. Carroll will have a profound impact on Quinn\’s education for years to come.  She is the teacher that saw that special light in him and made a difference. 

5th Grade Mrs. Young.  She is also an amazing teacher and has made this a great year for Quinn. 

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