This and That in May

 Don couldn\’t find one of his shoes.  Sonic might have taken it to cuddle with.

Evening stretch session.  
Releasing butteflies with Elias.
And nitrogen frozen sub-zero ice cream.  

One of our hibiscus bushes is really blooming.  So lovely.   

I brought home mom\’s knitting basket and Quinn thought he might teach himself how to knit using You Tube. 

Morning Love.

Brain Power Smoothie.

Cinco de Mayo

Quinn\’s making a peanut butter and banana sandwich which happens to be one of Sonic\’s favorites.

Quinn created a field of pebbles with some of his MadMatter.  It took him a very long time but he said it was very satisfying.

Band performance for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at school.  Here is the Advanced Band.

There was an encore performance with Thomas Fry.  Thomas went to Lang Ranch and now plays in the marching band at University of Miami.  He also tutored Quinn a couple of times.  The kids loved playing with him.

One last Odyssey party for the season.   These kids are so good together.  It\’s fun seeing them just hang out and have fun and sing karaoke.

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