Odyssey of the Mind Regionals

It\’s Odyssey Season!

Actually the team started up again back in October.  They meet once a week after school for an hour and then every Sunday in Coach Juli\’s garage for 3 – 4 hours.  It\’s ALOT of work.

One of the boys from last years team moved away so they voted on a new team member and they couldn\’t have picked a better one than Meija (pronounced My-a).  She is a perfect fit! 

Dan, Quinn, Braeden, Meija, Julia, Anya, Aiyushi

They are given 5 \”problems\” to choose from and they picked the problem that requires them to build a vehicle.   Basically they had to build a non-motorized vehicle with recycled materials on their own.  They had to be able to take apart the vehicle and pack it in a suitcase and they got extra points if 2 people rode on the vehicle.   And they had to create a storyline and write a script to showcase the problem and perform it under 8 minutes.  Phew!  

And of course it was raining in Sunny SoCal on the day of the tournament.  Lots of easy-ups and umbrellas to keep the set and everyone dry.  

Happy Team!

Coach Juli giving the kids a pep talk.   

Lots of group hugs with this team. 

We took a break from the competition in the afternoon.  They were done around noon but needed to be back to the tournament by 5 pm for the awards. 

Getting ready for the awards.  They were so nervous!!!  There were 8 teams competing and the top 3 go to the State tournament. 

And they won!  So many tears of joy!


And the traditional Baskin Robins post tournament celebration!

March 23 they head off to States!  It\’s such a special weekend because they get to hang out as a team for the entire weekend.  

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