Grand Canyon: Day 4

Departure Day.
The view out of our hotel window.  It was another snowy morning and Northern Arizona was under a severe winter weather storm warning.  

We had some breakfast and things started to brighten up so we visited the geology museum and walked along the rim.  It was still a little bit snow.  There is an awesome rim trail that runs 20+ miles along the rim. 

The Geology Museum was placed where it is because it is thought to capture the most diversity and beauty of the Grand Canyon and I agree that it was one of my favorite spots.   And this is one of my favorite pictures of the canyon.  The colors, shadows, clouds, vastness.  So beautiful!

While Don collected a geocache I got my one and only bear picture!

The Grand Canyon is about a 90 minute drive back to Flagstaff and because of the Winter Weather Warning we decided to get an early start and hit the road around noon.  Sure enough we drove through some areas where the road was completed covered with snow and visibility was bad.

Our train was scheduled to leave at 10 pm so we found a cheap hotel near the train station to spend our day.  We got checked in and Don returned the car to the airport. 

A look at one of the snowy Flagstaff streets.

At 10 pm we caught the train back to LA.  The only disappointing part of the train ride was that we only traveled at night.  But it was a great trip and we plan to train it elsewhere in the near future!

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