Around Here

It\’s still raining and getting greener and greener!  Gotta take my buddy on a hike. 

The 5th Graders get all the fun stuff!  Ice Cream Sundae Party!

Quinn\’s teacher told us that one day she looked over at him in the classroom and Quinn had his feet behind his ears.   Awesome!

I loved the bag Quinn made to collect his classmates Valentine\’s.

As seen in the In-n-Out parking lot. 

Poor California!  I read that it never reached 70 degrees in February and was the coldest February in 130+ years.  Well if it snowed/sleeted/hailed in Thousand Oaks, it\’s probably true!

One of the school\’s biggest fundraisers of the year is the Jog-a-thon!

The best part, according to Quinn, is the popsicle. 

The many uses of magnifying glasses.    The matches have since been hidden but I won\’t share that story. 

A Quinn made sandwich.  Ham, shredded cheese, bread and butter pickles, mayo and ketchup.  Yummy, or not. 

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