Grand Canyon: Day 3

I was super excited about sunrise and sunset photography at the Grand Canyon.  Sunrise wasn\’t until 7:15 am so it was totally doable.  
I got up early to catch this beautiful sunrise.  

(To give a little perspective, this was the view the previous afternoon. )

It was really cold and the snow was coming down!

Fortunately the weather changes quickly and by 8:30 am there were blue skies!

We were scheduled for a 10 am helicopter tour but the bad weather was grounding all the tours.  So we went to the visitors center, watched the introductory movie and checked out the view from there.

One crazy good and bad thing about the Grand Canyon is that most of it is just a drop off with no railing.  And it was snowy and icy.  I\’m not sure how many people we saw standing on the edge for the perfect picture.  You can see all the footprints leading to the edge.

A look towards the visitors center.  The people give a little perspective on the HUGENESS of the Grand Canyon.

Quinn was really freaked out about us getting close to the edge, like in the picture above.  In the picture below Quinn was trying to get to firmer ground.

We had rebooked our helicopter tour for 1 pm.   They weighed each of us to determine where we would sit so the weight would be distributed.   Quinn and I got front row seats next to the pilot!

After we took off, we traveled over the Kaibab Forest to get to the canyon.

All the passengers had headsets and the moment we crossed over the rim you could hear everyone oooh and aahh and omg!  It was mind blowing.

Quinn was pretty pleased.

What a view we had!

The tour was about 45 minutes and then we headed back to the little airport.

They didn\’t give us much time to get pictures on the ground but here\’s Quinn and Don exiting the helicopter.

We stopped to get this shot on our way back into the park.

That afternoon we had planned to hike down in to the canyon on the Bright Angel Trail.  But it was very snowy and icy and Quinn and I weren\’t feeling so comfortable with it.  So we sent Don down the trail and we headed back towards the hotel.   Just having a great time!

I had scoped out some spots to get a good sunset picture.   Hopi Point is one of the most popular places and we were going to keep driving to a less popular area but we found a perfect parking spot.

It was really cold and I staked out my spot about 45 minutes before the sun actually set.  When the sun is peaking out from a cloud, you can get a really great starburst.  This was at 5:18 pm.

I captured another starburst just as the sun was setting around 6 pm.  By this point I was frozen.  But so worth it!!

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