Grand Canyon: Day 2

The train was running very late and ended up arriving in Flagstaff around 7:30 am.  But we enjoyed having breakfast on the train before departing.  
We caught a cab to the airport where the friendliest man ever got us in our rental car and provided us with lots of great information on getting to the Grand Canyon.  
It was about 9 am by the time we hit the road.   
We made our first detour at Sunset Crater Volcano.  Did you know that Arizona is covered in volcanoes that erupted about 1,000 years ago?

Next stop Wukoki.  This pueblo rises above the desert and can be seen from miles. 

Next stop, Little Columbia River Gorge.  Pictures just don\’t do it justice.    It was a long, long way down.  Quinn was a little freaked out by it and didn\’t want to get too close. 

A pretty amazing sight.

We approached the Grand Canyon from the eastern side at Desert View as we knew we would be spending most of our time on the Western end of the canyon.  Our hotel was Thunderbird Lodge in the Village which is about 25 miles from Desert View. 

First view of the canyon and the Colorado River.  Wowza!

The Desert View Watchtower.  We climbed to the top.  I thanked Don for wearing that red pop-of-color coat!

We made several stops along the way towards our hotel and the Grand Canyon Village. 

Quinn had jumped out of his bunk this morning around 5 am when he heard his dad going to breakfast because he wanted to have breakfast on the train too.  He was zonked out at 3 pm. 

This is a view of the canyon right in front of our hotel.  By traveling to the Grand Canyon in February we were able to get a hotel right in the park and right on the rim. 

You can see the Bright Angel Hiking Trail that leads to the end of the plateau.  Easier to get down than up.  There is a camp group in the group of trees in the middle of the trail. 

We were pretty tired by the time we checked in to our room around 4 pm so we took a nap.  I woke up around 6 pm and looked out the window and rushed out with my camera.

This is about the same spot as the picture above taken at 6 pm. 

The sky and the canyon just kept on changing colors and did not disappoint.  6:15 pm

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