Grand Canyon: Day 1

Quinn had a 4 day weekend over President\’s Day so we decided to go to the Grand Canyon.  We looked at all the options on getting there and settled on the train.   Yes, the train!!  Little did we know how much fun we would have.
We could take an overnight train from Los Angeles Union Station to Flagstaff Arizona.   There was an option to take the train right to the rim of the Grand Canyon but we really wanted to have a car so the plan was to rent a car in Flagstaff.  
We arrived at Union Station in LA having no idea where to go so we went to the Amtrak info booth.  From there we were whisked off to the Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge to wait for our train.  We didn\’t realize that by booking a sleeper car we were traveling first class.  But honestly the best part was that someone held our hands in getting us through the station and on to the train.    

From the lounge we hopped on a buggy that took us and our luggage right to the train.  So much fun!

We booked a family sleeper that was in the back of one of the cars and spanned the width of the train.  It was small but pretty sweet. 

Quinn\’s pull down bunk can be seen above us in the pic below.  Don slept on the pull down bunk on the left side of the pic.  I slept on the bottom below Don.  

Someone was pretty pleased!

We got on the train at 6 pm and were called up to dining car at 7:15 pm.  We were really enjoying this experience.

Then back down to our room before lights out.   We were scheduled to arrive in Flagstaff at 5 am.

We slept as the train rocked us back and forth. 

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