Destin FL: Day 2

We started Day 2 with a morning lesson on travel photography.  We had plans to travel to a cute little town called Seaside and MeRa talked to us about the types of shots travel magazines want.  MeRa makes it look so easy.  
MeRa\’s husband Brian gave Stacey a lesson on shooting in manual (vs. auto).  Stacey already has a great eye for photography and with the added technical knowledge she was on fire!  All pics today are with my \”big\” camera.  

My travel photography from Seaside.  

There were airstream food \”trucks\” lined up and we had lunch at the Crepe place.

Best. Donut. Ever.

Heading towards the beach.

Stacey in front and MeRa in back.

Nothing like handing your camera over to MeRa to get some pics!

She knows how to capture your good angles.

And then it was home for some sunset pics.  It wasn\’t quite as amazing as the night before but there\’s never a bad sunset in my book.

Sea Cucumbers at sunset.

A long exposure so the ocean looks flat.

Then it was back to the house and we shared pictures from our day.  It\’s so interesting to all go to the same place but see and capture it so differently.  I loved the photo sharing!

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