Destin FL: Day 1

Off I went to Destin FL for a photography retreat led by MeRa Koh and her husband Brian. 
I\’ve been traveling alot lately and wasn\’t looking forward to another cross country trip.  But I had signed up for this about 6 months ago and also talked my friend Stacey from Maryland into joining me.  And I knew once I got there I would be glad I was there.
Destin is on the Gulf Coast on the panhandle of Florida.  Our plane flew right over Destin and I marked where we were staying.  

We arrived around 4:30 pm and they weren\’t quite ready for us so we dropped our bags and headed for the beach.  One unique thing about Destin is the sugar white sand.  Wowza!  All my pics on this post are from my phone. 

Stacey and I having a little fun. 

I was one of three ladies that also travelled to Thailand.  Here I am with my buddy Sue — we\’ve been to Thailand, Sundance, NYC and now Destin together. 

I had to get my feet wet.  It was cold but bearable.  A man asked Stacey to take the temperature of the water.  I think it was around 60 degrees. 

There were quite a few sea cucumbers on the beach so I took this sunset portrait of one. 

What a sunset!

Stacey keeps it fun!

After the sunset we got back to the house and met all the other ladies.  I knew a handful of them from other trips — there were 15 of us in total.  The house was AMAZING!!!  Stacey and I shared a master bedroom.  I didn\’t take many pictures of the house but if you want to see it click HERE.  It\’s worth the peak. 

One of our pre-trip assignments was to take a self portrait capturing our current \”season\”.  My season is still heavy with grief so this is my self portrait.  Despite my grief, I feel and see mom all around me. 

It\’s always fun to see everyones self-portraits and you get to know people pretty quickly that way.    And yes, I\’m so glad I\’m here. 

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