Destin FL: Day 3

Day 3 started with an indoor creativity exercise that a bunch of us had completed previously so we went for a walk on the beach instead.  

Karen (left) was part of the Thailand group and Olena was part of the Utah group and both were in NYC.   And it was pretty chilly.

The grass on the dunes is so lovely.

We went back to the house and regrouped.  We had a family beach shoot scheduled for 4 pm so MeRa ran us through the ins and outs of family photography. 

A view from our room out to the ocean.

And the family and the paparazzi have arrived.   Those poor kids looked a little shell shocked!

There was a wedding happening right down the beach.

MeRa was directing and positioning the family.  At this point she asked the little girl to put her arm around her brother and she said no way.   I love their faces.

The sky had been gray and flat all day but it turned into cotton candy pastels or our family shoot.  It was as dreamy as could be.

The little boy was super shy and hid his head in his blankee most of the time.

He is a mama\’s boy and you know I can relate to that!

The kids were so done getting their pictures taken.  But the sky started to light up for us.  

The good thing about being around photographers is that you get lots of pictures of yourself.  I\’m holding someone elses camera while she takes my picture with my camera.  We had so much fun!

MeRa\’s husband Brian setting up his tripod.  I like to hang out near Brian or MeRa because they are always setting up great shots.

You know how I love my sunsets and this one was amazing.

Me capturing Stacey.

Brian in action.

Jumping Brian!

Leaping Stacey!

Leaping Amy!

The beauty of Mother Nature.

And MeRa, MeRa, MeRa.

I learned so much on this trip and loved spending the weekend with Stacey.  It was great seeing my friends from previous travels with MeRa and making a whole new round of friends.   I feel recharged and ready to sign up for the next trip.

But first home to squeeze my guys!

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