Q\’s First Swim Meet

By now you know that Quinn has been participating in a summer swim league.  The swim league is for kids that are not quite ready for the swim team.  It\’s a softer, easier approach to swim team.

And the school offers a couple of swim meets over the summer to give the kids a taste for swim meets.  It was a great learning lesson for all of us.  This meet was held at a local private school.

Our mighty swimmer after warm-ups.  This was all new to him so he was feeling nervous.

Quinn\’s swim team under the red umbrella getting a pep talk from Coach Daou.   Quinn has been taking swim lessons at Daland for about 4 years so I\’ve had the opportunity to watch this coach in action.   He\’s loud and assertive and the kids respect him.  But he\’s also fun and funny and positive so the kids love him.  

Don volunteered to be an official timer for the event so he\’s in position.

We only entered Quinn in 2 races — the 50 freestyle and 50 backstroke.  Those are his 2 best strokes and we wanted to set him up for success.

His first event — 50 freestyle.   Don happened to be timing Quinn\’s lane.

Take Your Mark.

Go.   As you can see, many of the kids don\’t have the dive quite down.  Quinn has a good start.

And the finish.  Quinn came in 2nd in his heat.  And had his PR (personal record).  Since it was his first race, this time was automatically his PR.

Waiting for his next race.  He was feeling pretty anxious for his first race and had a couple of tears.  But once he got it under his belt, the 2nd race was much less stressful for him.

50 yard backstroke start.  Looking like a pro.

And a video of the backstroke.  Unfortunately there were only 2 boys in this race but Quinn did a great job…and again got his PR.

Backstroke at First Swim Meet from Amy white on Vimeo.

Afterwards he said the meet was AWESOME!   It makes us so proud that he gets out of his comfort zone and tries new things.   And gives it his best!!

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