This Week

Quinn (and Don) loves to tip back in his chair.  Any chair.  I would get calls from the nurse when he was in pre-school saying that he had fallen out of his chair and bumped his head.  It\’s a recurring theme.  
His 3rd grade teacher generally uses the green IKEA stools in her classroom but brought in a regular chair for Quinn.  But he was still tipping his chair so much that she got him this wobbly stool.  He can tip all he wants but it won\’t tip over.  Quinn loves it!

Cotton Candy sunset.

Another day, another hike with Sonic.  

Quinn\’s BFF has decided to give Taekwondo a try.  The TKD studio always has a buddy week right after testing and this little ninja decided to sign up for the trial.  They won\’t be in the same class but they can practice their moves together.

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