Carpinteria Bluffs

Sunday Funday!
We drove north to Carpinteria, which is a little bit south of Santa Barbara.  First off lunch.  Cherry Vanilla Sprite!  
A little geocaching and playgrounding.

Melee fighting!

The main attraction.

The trail to the bluffs.

We made this same trip in May 2014 and I tend to take similar photos so this post will have some throwback comparison photos….like this one. 



A look towards the mountains.  It was cool and overcast which was nice.

Same tree in 2014.


2014 (that must be my favorite blue jacket)

A look down at the sea lions.  It is birthing season (I guess that\’s what you call it) so there were lots of moms and pups.   Quinn even pointed out a baby getting some milk.

There are naturally occurring tar pits.  This one was still gooey.

On the beach checking out some tidepools.

There was a big pod of dolphins out in the water.  You can see a couple of fins.

The boy is done.  It was about 3 miles round trip.    He is filthy dirty so it must have been a good day.

Heading back to the car.  A great day with flowers, geocaching, sea lions & pups, tar pits, beach time, dolphins, photography,  and fresh ocean air.

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