Charmlee Park Hike

I had the great idea of going on this super easy hike in Malibu with lots of wildflowers and great views of the ocean.  
Off we go!  Quinn has his snake stick to protect us from all the snakes we might see (none).  


Beautiful green meadows.

We are on the coastal path so we are looking for that view.

A view of the ocean, or rather the layer of fog covering the ocean.

It\’s a pretty hot day with very little breeze.  We are starting to get red and sweaty.  Quinn\’s face says it all.

It\’s not a fitness hike they said.
It will be fun they said.

We found a place to sit in the shade and cool off a bit.  These two are overheated and getting grumpy!

A view of Malibu socked in with fog.

And a view towards Ventura.  You can see the Channel Islands peaking out above the fog.

A walk through the beautiful meadow to get to our starting point.

Back in the picnic area — Don suggested Quinn fill his hat with water.

Quinn told me not to get mad at him, but as soon as he got home he was going to walk right into the pool.  It was probably 85 degrees today but the pool is still pretty chilly…maybe 60 degrees.  

 And then a warm up in the sun with the buddy.  When we were on our hike, Quinn kept saying \”Sonic is home wondering where we are\”.

Another great day in sunny California!

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