Don gave me this for my birthday.

And it\’s been on the refrigerator for 6 months.  Quinn comments on it quite frequently.  Dad, you still owe mom a Nobu.  In all fairness, it\’s not easy to get a reservation.  On February 4, Don called at 10 am and got a reservation for March 4 at 6:30 pm.

So here we are!  It\’s a spectacular spot right on the beach in Malibu.  It\’s a favorite hangout for celebrities and everyone looked rich and famous.

Dinner was pretty delicious.   They have a menu of small plates to share, with mostly sushi based dishes.   The best sushi we have ever had.  The waitress recommended a couple of dishes and I was aware of some of their legendary dishes like the Black Cod with Miso.  A couple of the dishes really blew us away.  Food that I will be thinking about for a while.  Because that\’s how I am.  It was a really lovely night and worth the wait.

As we were waiting for our car to pull up, I saw a large black SUV pull up with only a driver and no passenger.  I thought it a little odd and then saw someone get out of the backseat.  I wasn\’t thinking too much about it until Jennifer Aniston look right at me, smiled, and gave me a breathy hi!.  Don and I looked at each other and said \”That was Jennifer Aniston!\”.  It was our first celebrity spotting since returning to Cali and it was a good one.  And eveyone has asked me, who was she with?  She was with another female.  Dark haired and petite…didn\’t get a good look at her.  Maybe Courtney?

We had a little extra time after dinner so we stopped for dessert on the way home at a restaurant in Westlake Village.  In walked a guy who looked like an aging rock star but we had no idea who he was.  Another family sat down next to us and the chatty wife told us it was Tommy Thayer from KISS.    This dude.  Chatty wife told us that he is quite a mama\’s boy and the beautiful blonde on his arm was probably just a \”hanger on\”.  It was a funny night.

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