The Symphony

You might remember that Quinn\’s class has been practicing songs on the recorder in anticipation of a field trip to the symphony.  Thursday was the big day.
That sweet girl on Quinn\’s right thinks the world of Quinn.  She told me that Quinn is such a great friend.   And she\’s a pretty cool girl.  Quinn comes home with funny stories that she has told him.  She told him that she isn\’t ticklish anymore because her dad concocted a special anti-tickling shot.  I tried to convince Quinn that it wasn\’t true but he\’s a believer.   Look at that moms face in the backgroud.  It says it all 🙂

Me and the kid.  I was told there were 1900 kids at the performance.   But they were all really great.

Our view.  The drum corp from a local high school marching band participated in the performance.  The kids loved the whole thing.  It was very interactive and just the right amount of time (about 45 minutes).    They made some of the classics really fun.  And Quinn recognized Oh Fortuna! from one of his favorite video games.

I took headphones for Quinn because sometimes he\’s not so happy in really loud situations.  His buddy Ryan was sitting behind us and took the opportunity to photobomb us.  Love it!!

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