Kauai: Days 7 – 8

Friday, last day!  There are quite a few food trucks on Kauai and for our last breakfast we decided to try out Fresh Bite.  I got the Caramelized Pineapple Pancakes with Coconut Syrup and a fruit salad.  Yum!!
Then it was back to Anini Beach.  We were pretty surprised to be the only ones on the beach at 11 am.  But no complaints!

When we were at this beach 3 days prior Quinn had found a coconut that he asked Don to crack.  Don couldn\’t quite crack it but created a quite nice Coco-Mallet.  It got lots of use on both days.

The snorkeling was generally pretty unimpressive but on our way out we passed this huge plastic crate.  Don hovered over it for a while and spotted a Moray Eel hiding out.  

I love this beach!!

A quick stop for a geocache and a selfie!

There are quite a few one lane bridges, especially on the quiet North Shore.  This is one that we went over the most.

It\’s Saturday and time to go home.  But we were treated to the most incredible rainbow(s).  You could almost see the pot of gold it was so close.  

And heading home.

One last sunset somewhere over the Pacific.  We\’ll see you soon Kauai!

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