Kauai: Days 5 – 6

Wednesday morning it was very rainy.  We were slow to get moving and ended up having lunch at our condo before we decided to get out regardless of the rain.
We had a plan to head north and stop at the first beach where we could find parking, which could be difficult.  We got front row parking at Tunnels beach so we parked it there for the day.
As we headed north we drove in to sunny skies!

Most of the snorkeling was pretty shallow and you had to navigate the lava rock reefs.

This give you a glimpse why they call it Tunnels Beach.  All the lava tube formations.

We made it back to Hanalei Bay for the sunset and rain.

Thursday morning we woke up to a slight rainbow.  You can barely see it in the center of this picture.

We decided to go to the beach that was directly below our resort and it didn\’t disappoint.  

A look out at sea back towards the beach.  The St. Regis Hotel (cha-ching) is on the left and our condo resort is on the bluff on the right.

This happened to us all the time.  Better go in so we don\’t get wet!

Don had the great idea to rent a kayak and go up the Hanalei River.  We kayaked right off the beach and went around the bend right up the river.

We had a blast and Don did most of the work for the family.

A look up river.

We got Quinn decked out in his finest Hawaiin shirt for dinner.  He was a big fan of the local juice POG (pineapple, orange, guava or some variation thereof).

And yes, another shave ice.

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